PBF  Expansion FAQ

We have posted the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we have received about Pizza Box Football and its rules, how we came to create it, and more. If you'd like to contact us, click on the link at the left.

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  • The expansion game comes in an envelope?

    Yes. The expansion's envelope is designed to store neatly inside your existing Pizza Box Football game.
  • Are the cards the same high-quality coated cards like those found in Pizza Box Football?

    Yes. They're made to be enjoyed along with a pizza and a beverage of your choosing.

  • What happened to the Advanced Game?

    We've replaced the Advanced Game with the Expansion Game. The Advanced Game described in the Pizza Box Football rules is no longer for sale. 
  • What's up with the STAR ratings on Atlanta's offense?
    There is no special handling required when using Atlanta's card, however Atlanta's running QB makes their card unique. Their Short Pass and Long Pass charts include QB Run results.

  • What are the A and the N for?

    Pizza Box Football has 2 conferences, the National Conference and the American Conference. Jets fans should use the team with the A2 helmet. Giants fans should use the team with the N11 helmet. 
  • Is the expansion game based on NFL team's performance in the 2004-2005 season?
    Yes, and it's our plan to release further expansions of the game.
  • How did you assign the ratings to the teams?
    Team's ratings are based on the statistical concept of standard deviations. Essentially, for each rating category the group of teams who are measurably ("head-and-shoulders") above the others in the league get the exceptional ratings. The group of teams who are measurably below the others in the league get the poor ratings. Some teams do not distinguish themselves from the others at all in the category and are completely "average." In fact, some teams are average in every category.
  • How do you play a game between teams that share a card?

    It's easy to do. During play, the defense player refers to the expansion play sequence card. The offense player refers to their team card. In the event that players choose to play a matchup between teams on the front-and-back sides of a card, they will easily be able to share the offense card during the game. The players can pass the offense card to their opponent at the end of their possession along with the offense dice.

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